This group of students will explore rocketry with one of the leading experts in central Oklahoma, Mike Babb. Mr. Babb is an Aerospace Engineer working at Tinker Air Force Base who investigates jet aircraft accidents for the US Air Force. He will teach you many things about the physics of flight of aircraft and rockets during the 16 sessions. Each group of students in the class slowly build a rocket as the class progresses and launch them sometime in May. Students eat their lunch during the meetings while  exploring “the art of flight” and eventually build their group’s rocket. The big launch is in May.  Single stage rockets make it to an altitude of about 3000 feet. We finally got a two stage rocket off the ground in May 2012.  It made it about 100 ft in the air when something went terribly wrong.  We will try again in May of 2013. Here are some pics through the years. I will add captions when I get time:


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