New Videos / Readings

Gyroscope-02-juneA lot of stamps can be gained by watching excellent videos and checking out some of the readings below.

Here’s where I will add the new videos/readings for you to choose from for your stamps: If you keep scrolling down, you will find old videos/readings which you can also use if you find them interesting.



Short animation added 8/26/18: Formula 1 Racing:  Why Is Slipstream Good But Dirty Air Bad?

Article added 8/25/18:

Ghostly antineutrinos could help ferret out nuclear tests

Video added 8/21/18:  The Andromeda-Milky Way Collision | Space Time

Video added 8/19/18:  NASA’s Solar Parker Probe was just launched and it heading to the sun.  This short animation shows you the complicated path it will take to get to the sun.   It’s Surprisingly Hard to Get to the Sun (2:23). 

Video story added 8/19/18:   This is a feature news story with a few different short videos.  It studies the nature of genius.   What defines a genius?

Article added 8/12/18:   A faint glow found between galaxies could be a beacon for dark matter

Video/Pic added 8/13/18:  The Largest Picture Taken to Date – Andromeda from Hubble

Video added 8/16/18:

The Mystery That Keeps Neil deGrasse Tyson Up At Night


Added 10/5/14:  Tip of the hat to Ashlynn for finding this one: Cool pendulum demo.

Added 3/31/14: Einsteins Equivalence Principle and Curvature of Space (Tensors!)

Added 3/29/14:  The Vortex is dead!  (Phil Plait)

Added 2/24/14:  A look into the far future

Added 12/9/13: Quarks to Quasars (Dark Energy)

Added 12/3/13:  If someone is a Climate Change denier and you need some ammo for your argument against them, this is the best site I have ever seen with hundreds of links to actual data and studies.

Added 11/25/13:  Calculus Better Explained

Added 10/19/13:  If you are into the SAT and the ACT, you ought to read this NYT article. 

Added 9/12/13: It’s official: Voyager has left the Solar System

Added 9/12/13:  First mechanical gear found in a live creature

Added 9/12/13:  Tip of the hat to Braden Heeney for sending me this on Phone Blocks . . .  great idea.  Too bad Apple and Samsung will sue the begeevers out of them for trumped up patent infringement charges.

Added 9/12/13:  Since there seems to be a controversy brewing about the difference between units and dimensions, this website should help.



Added 9/9/13: Tip of the hat to Jerry for finding this one:  19-year-old devises plan to rid the world’s oceans of million tons of plastic

Read more:

Added 8/22/13:  Five Beloved Scientist who were also Bullies.

Added 8/13/13:  The Untold Story of Google’s Quest to Bring the Internet Everywhere—By Balloon

Added 8/13/13: Take great courses from the world’s best universities

Added 8/13/13: The Periodic Table of Videos

Added 7/3/13: Why doesn’t Dark matter have any effect on our solar system?

Added 7/3/13: The Hammer-Ruler Trick

Added 7/2/13: fizzics!  This one is a gold mine.

Added 7/1/13:  Beyond Google Glass

Added 6/30/13: Academic Earth (Rethinking Education)

Added 6/30/13: Good for homework questions, but a little pricey after the trial period. 

Added 6/30/13:  New Boston (45 Physics help videos) and lots of other cool stuff.

Added 6/30/13: Study Blue (making flash cards and such) 

Added 6/30/13:  Start your MIT course work tonight!

Added 6/30/13: Yale’s entire Physics course — Free

Added 6/30/13: Thinking Allowed

Added 6/30/13: TED talks rated

Added 6/30/13:  TED

Added 6/30/13: Website: Wolfram Alpha

Added 6/30/13: Great Courses from the World’s Best Universities

Added 6/28/13:  Tallest, fastest looping roller coaster

Added 6/27/13:  NASA’s Voyager 1 Explores Final Frontier of Our ‘Solar Bubble’

Added 6/27/13:  Inside The Most Expensive Science Experiment Ever

Added 6/27/13:  At Chernobyl, Radioactive Danger Lurks in the Trees

Added 6/26/13:  Big Think (great website for big thinkers)

Added 6/20/13:  (“the world’s smartest website”)

Added 6/17/13:  Kilometer high Skyscrapers

Added 6/2/13:  History of Climate Change

Added 5/13/13  Earth’s core is speeding up.

Added 4/7/13:  In the top 5 coolest currently living

Added 4/6/13: 1940’s version of life on other planets

Added 3/29/13: This one just makes me happy

Added 3/23/13: The 10 most important #s in history.

Added 3/17/13:  DO THIS!! 

Added 3/17/13: The Nuclear Option

Added 3/16/13:  E = mc^2 is wrong

Added 3/11/13:  Standing Waves

Added 3/10/13:  Einstein’s notebook

Added 3/8/13:  Pendulum waves

Added 2/17/13: Mosh Pit Physics

Added 2/9/13: First World Problems

Added 2/9/13:  Einstein’s Last Mystery

Added 2/8/13:  Well, it was nice knowing you . . . 

Added 2/8/13: Formula One Racing abuse of air

Added 2/7/13: A great one minute source of excellent science links

Added 1/28/13:  We are becoming Cyborgs

Added 12/27/12:  50 years of Nasa Missions

Added 12/19/12:  The Large Hadron Collider

Added 12/16/12:  Higgs field and LHC explained in a cool way

Added 12/18/12:  Milky Way and Andromeda will collide in just 4 billion years

Added 12/15/12:  A good reference site for our expanding universe discussion:

Added 12/15/12:  Good Doppler effect website.

Added 11/18/12:  Udacity — The future of online courses?

Added 10/23:  Top ten Dragster Crashes (From the Kinematics in Drag Worksheet).

10/7/12:  NASA:  The Perpetual Ocean

9/28/12:  A Capella Science – Rolling in the Higgs (Adele Parody)

9/16/12:  Look below for the videos for Packet 1:

8/12/12: Click here for:  A good site to look at NOW if you are going to college.

7/3/12: Click here for:  The Higgs described after today’s big announcement.

7/1/12: Click here for: The Mechanical Universe Series

7/1/12: Click here for:  The Physics Classroom (an excellent tutorial)

6/30/12: Click here for: Global Warming debate laid out

6/26/12:  Click here for:  Slinky in detailed Free Fall.

4/8/12: Click here for: Minute Physics

2/10/12: Click here for: a cool interactive space site

2/8/12:  Click here for: “Knittin” Needle on the ISS

12/16/11:  Click here for: The earth breathes or . . . watch the world burn:

12/14/11: Click here for: Voyager videos

12/12/11: Click here for: Curiosity landing on Mars in August 2012

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