Geology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Oceanography, and Astronomy Videos

We talk A LOT about these topics since it is so important in the historical and current development of applied Physics.  Here are a few good astronomy (& meteorology and geology) videos I have come across recently: 

Added 12/9/14:  Mr. Hill’s cool video on US temperature forecast

Added 12/9/14:  Mr. Hills cool video on the “fluidity” of the worlds atmosphere

Added 10/7/14:  A Dartmouth professor explains a Foucault’s Pendulum (3:20) Finally, a concise yet thorough explanation of how this works.  I wonder how long it takes to go one complete revolution in Oklahoma?

Added 3/29/14:  Circulations of the world’s oceans (8:52) Sean Chamberlin has an entire FREE online youtube course on the physics of Oceanography.  This is one of MANY good interesting videos for all you lovers of Physics and the ocean.

Added 3/27/14:  The Ocean Currrents (mind blowing!) (1:30)

Added 2/25/14:  Felix jumps!  (8:17)

Added 10/28/13:  Tip of the hat to Jerry for this one: What if the sun disappeared? (11:43)

Added 7/5/13:  Brian Cox on how GPS works (5:11)

Added 7/5/13: How satellites work.  (6:15) by Eutelsat

Added 7/3/13: Geostationary and Polar Satellites in 2 minutes (2:11) by Fizzics

Added 6/28/13: How far is the Moon from the Earth? (1:50) by 1veritasium

Added 6/28/13: The phases of the moon (3:41) by History Channel

Added 6/27/13: A short comparison of stars (2:21)

Added 6/24/13: Einstein’s theory of gravity and spacetime (8:44)

Added 6/22/13: Doppler effect for sound and light and red shift (4:53) by Doc Physics

Added 6/20/13:  The Collapse of Physics as we know it (11:00)

Added 6/17/13:  Dark Matter / Dark Energy (5:35)

Added 6/15/13: How will the sun die? (1:01)

Added 6/15/13: Earth 100 million years from now (3:19)

Added 6/15/13: How do we know what different stars are made of? (8:21)

Added 6/13/13: The secret lives (and deaths) of stars in under 2 minutes (1:55)

Added 6/13/13:  What is Dark Matter? (6:12)

Added 6/11/13: Sundials and the equation of time (5:22)

Added 6/11/13: AU, Ly, pc, Mpc (5:05)

Added 6/11/13: Best explanation I have seen of a Foucault Pendulum (3:21)

Added 6/11/13:  More water on Europa than Earth? (3:33)

Added 6/11/13: Earth Space TIme Vortex (2:49)

Added 6/11/13:  Secret of the Stars (3:38)

Added 6/7/13:  Good animation of the Earth’s orbit.  I don’t totally agree with all the details, but it makes you think.

Added 6/2/13:  History of Climate Change

Added 5/13/13  Earth’s core is speeding up.

Added 4/6/13: 1940’s version of life on other planets

Added 3/26/13:  Our Universe in 18 minutes

Added 3/12/13:  Einsteins Theory of Relativity explained in about 15 minutes.

Added 2/17/13:  Neil deGrasse talks about the latest asteroids

Added 2/10/13:  10 minutes of Carl.

Added 2/9/13:  Einstein’s Last Mystery

Added 2/8/13:  Well, it was nice knowing you . . . 

Added 12/27/12:  Last 200 years — > Next 20 years in 5 minutes

Added 12/27/12:  50 years of Nasa Missions

Added 12/18/12:  Milky Way and Andromeda will collide in just 4 billion years

Added 12/15/12:  A good reference site for our expanding universe discussion:

10/7/12:  NASA:  The Perpetual Ocean

9/28/12:  A Capella Science – Rolling in the Higgs (Adele Parody)

9/16/12:  Look below for the videos for Packet 1:

video#1:  Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids

video#2 William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

Video #3  Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable

VIDEO #4:  Lucianne Walkowicz: Finding planets around other stars

VIDEO #5:  VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization

7/5/12: Click here for:  Brian Cox — A night with the Stars

6/30/12: Click here for: Global Warming debate laid out

2/8/12:  Click here for: “Knittin” Needle on the ISS

12/16/11:  Click here for: The earth breathes or . . . watch the world burn:

12/14/11: Click here for: Voyager videos

12/12/11: Click here for: Curiosity landing on Mars in August 2012

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