Packet Videos and Readings from Previous Years


Videos and Readings for FALL 2017/ SPRING 2018:

Packet 1:  Skip this one

Pkt 2 Reading #1:  Gravitational Waves Won the Physics Nobel Prize—Here’s Why

Pkt 2 Reading #2:  Are We The Earliest Intelligent Life In The Universe?

Pkt 2 Reading #3:   Q: If time is relative, then how can we talk about how old the universe is?

Pkt 2 Reading #4: Global Warming Scenarios

Pkt4 Video #1:  This Spectacular Video Shows What It Would Be Like to Fly Through The Orion Nebula

Pkt4 Video #2: These Inventions Give Us Hope For the Planet in 2018

Pkt4 Video #3: This won her student’s 3 minute video about Theory of Relativity won her $400,000.

Pkt4 Video #4:  Star Size Comparison 2

Pkt4 Video #5:  This Gravity Experiment Will Blow Your Mind!

Pkt4 Video #6:

WE ARE IN A SIMULATION – THE SCIENCE (Elon Musk, Matrix Theory, Virtual Reality)

Pkt4 Video #7: Skip this one.

Pkt4 Video #8:  Those 7 Times Lisa Randall Made Our Brains Hurt

Pkt5 Reading #1: Eratosthenes of Cyrene:  Measuring the Circumference of the Earth

Pkt5 Reading #2: How can light travel forever? Why don’t photons lose energy and stop? How is it possible that we still see the light that was created during the Big Bang?

Pkt5 Reading #6:  This $14-billion machine is set to usher in a new era of nuclear fusion power

Pkt5 Reading #7: The Mistrust of Science

Videos and Readings for FALL 2016/SPRING 2017:


Pkt 2: Reading:  Are We The Earliest Intelligent Life In The Universe?

Pkt 4:

Pkt 5:

Pkt 6:



Videos and Readings for SPRING 2016:

Packet 7:  James Webb Video

Packet 7:Looking Beyond the Reach of the Hubble by Science Channel

Packet 7:Will This Go Faster Than Light? by Veritasium


Packet 6: Video #1: Teenager Wins $400,000

Packet 6: Video #2: Are Space and Time an Illusion?

Packet 6: Video #3: Galactic Cannibalism:


Packet 5: Reading #1:  What came Before the Big Bang? 

Packet 5:  Reading #2: Fun with Asteroids.


Packet 3: Video#1: Crowd Energy– Ocean Turbines

Packet 3: Video#2: Sea of Plastic in the Pacific

Packet 3: Video#3:  What Happens When the Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse?

Packet 3: Video#4:   Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Power Plant

Packet 3: Video#5:   Tesla’s AutoPilot

Packet 3: Video#6:  Death by Rollercoaster

Packet 3: Video#7: The VOID is being built

Packet 3: Video#8:  The Hawaiian Chieftain


Packet 2:  Reading #1: New York Times article about going to Mars

Packet 2:  Reading #2: Tesla’s new Powerwall

Packet 2:  Reading #3: Scale of the Universe


Packet 1:  Video #1: A 2014 60 Minutes interview with Elon Musk

Packet 1: video#2:  Physics Girl Plays in the pool (Part 1)

Packet 1: video#3:  Physics Girl Plays in the pool (Part 2)

Packet 1: video#4:  Tree-Shaped Wind Turbines set to Hit Paris Streets


SPRING 2015:  PACKET 7 Readings

Reading #1:  Speed Kills

Reading #2:  Tesla’s Battery for your Home Terrifies Utility Companies

Reading #3:   First π

Reading #4: Most Important Pie Chart You’ll See Today

Reading #5: Five Beloved Scientists who were Actually Bullies

Reading #6:  Mar’s One — Would you be willing to die there?

Reading #7:  Italian Astronaut Recounts Near-Drowning in Spacesuit

Spring 2015:  Packet 6 Videos

video#1:  Justin Hall-Tipping on Freeing Energy From the Grid

video#2:  Physics Girl Plays in the pool (Part 1)

video#3:  Physics Girl Plays in the pool (Part 2)

video#4:  The Jet Man

video#5:  Convection Currents in the Earth

video#6:  Tree-Shaped Wind Turbines set to Hit Paris Streets

video#7:  The Most Awesome Robots as of today

Fall 2014 Packet 4 Readings: 

Article #1:  The Physics of baseball

Click here for:  Q: If nothing can escape a black hole’s gravity, then how does the gravity itself escape?

Click here for: Q: How can the universe expand faster than the speed of light?

Click here for: Q: What would you experience if you were going the speed of light?

Click here for: Q: Why is the speed of light the fastest speed? Why is light so special?

Click here for: Q: Does light experience time?

Click here for: Q: If a photon doesn’t experience time, then how can it travel?

Click here for: Q: If time were reversed would things fall up?


Fall 2014 Packet 3 Videos

VIDEO #1:  Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids

VIDEO #2 William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

VIDEO #3  Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable

VIDEO #4:  Lucianne Walkowicz: Finding planets around other stars

VIDEO #5:  VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization


Fall 2014  Packet 2 Readings:

Reading #1:  One of the simplest and effective Physics animations I have seen in a while. It’s about the Higgs particle.

Reading #2: Scale of Infinity 


FALL 2014 Packet 1 Video links For Sheet 1.3:

Video #1 (13:11) :  (A 2014 60 Minutes interview with Elon Musk)

Video #2  (7:20) :  (TED– Captain Charles Moore takes on the Sea of Plastic in the Pacific)

Video #3  (10:41) :  (Veritasium — Primordial Gravitational Wave Discovery!  Evidence of Cosmic Inflation)



◊ 2013 ◊ 

WARNING:  You can watch the videos below, but they may or may not be used this year. 

Packet 4 (2013) Reading Links:

Reading: Life is a Braid in Spacetime

Reading: In Search of Time’s Origin

Added 12/9/13: Quarks to Quasars (Dark Energy)

Added 12/3/13:  If someone is a Climate Change denier and you need some ammo for your argument against them, this is the best site I have ever seen with hundreds of links to actual data and studies.

Packet 3 (2013) Video: What is Space?

Video 2.1: Brian Cox on Cern’s Supercollider

Video 2.2: Bill Stone explores the world’s deepest caves

Video 2.3: Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging


Reading #1:  Speed Kills (NPS blocks xkcd so you will have to check this one out from home)

Reading #2:  First π

Reading #3: Curiosity Finds Ancient Life

Reading #4: Five Beloved Scientists who were Actually Bullies

Reading #5:  Most Important Pie Chart You’ll See Today

Reading #6: Italian Astronaut Recounts Near-Drowning in Spacesuit

Reading #7:  Guy Builds Solar-Powered Death Ray In His Backyard (Yawn)

Reading #1

Reading #2: (A very small slice)

Reading #3

Reading #4:

Reading #5

Added 9/13/13:  How camshafts work.

Added 9/2/13:  Puffer Fish are romantic.  Who knew?

Added 8/31/13: WIND (this is more of a website, but it is moving)

Added 7/1/13:  Amazing bead chain experiment in slow motion (5:15) by Earthunplugged

Added 6/28/13: The phases of the moon (3:41) by History Channel

Added 6/28/13: Stuff Engineering students DON’T say (1:52) by Brandon Crooks

Added 6/28/13: The Birth of The Calculus – Part 2 (12:25) by the BBC

Added 6/28/13:  The Birth of The Calculus – Part 1 (12:26) by the BBC

Added 6/28/13:  Archimedes’ Secret (BBC Documentary) (47:46)

Added 6/28/13: Flatland: The Film (1:39:55)

Added 6/27/13: Brainman on Letterman (8:13)

Added 6/27/13: A short comparison of stars (2:21)

Added 6/26/13: A candid conversation with Brian Green (54:44)

Added 6/26/13:  Imagining 10 Dimensions – the Movie (1:44:28) If you have the time, this is really excellent.

Added 6/26/13:  Michio Kaku on Quantum Mechanics (58:38)

Added 6/26/13: Quantum Mechanics in lass than 1 hour (52:51) by Brian Greene

Added 6/26/13:  The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein (1:43:17) A little long. Beginning and ending are the best. Lecture part is okay . . . lots of examples, but she was a little boring after awhile.Fast forward as desired.

Added 6/26/13: Newton’s Dark Secrets (52:33)

Added 6/24/13: Einstein’s theory of gravity and spacetime (8:44)

Added 6/22/13:  There were many Physics experiments (starting with Galileo) attempting to determine the speed of light. This talkes about one of them. (4:32) by Doc Physics

Added 6/22/13: Doppler effect for sound and light and red shift (4:53) by Doc Physics

Added 6/22/13: Magnitudes of Earthquakes explained in 2 minutes (2:01) by VideofromSpace

Added 6/20/13:  The Collapse of Physics as we know it (11:00)

Added 6/18/13: 2500 FPS drop of water (3:33) by the Slow Mo Guys

Added 6/18/13:  BIG THINK (Website full of outstanding blogs,articles,and videos)

Added 6/17/13:  Dark Matter / Dark Energy (5:35)

Added 6/15/13: How will the sun die? (1:01)

Added 6/15/13: Earth 100 million years from now (3:19)

Added 6/15/13: Earth Religion 5000 Years Time Lapse Map (1:55)

Added 6/15/13: How do we know what different stars are made of? (8:21)

Added 6/13/13: The secret lives (and deaths) of stars in under 2 minutes (1:55)

Added 6/13/13:  What is Dark Matter? (6:12)

Added 6/12/13:  Physics Slam 2012 (1:30:49)

Added 6/12/13: Cesium in water (slow motion) (4:16)

Added 6/11/13:  I WAS surprised  (1:40)

Added 6/11/13:  Center of Mass video (19:16)

Added 6/11/13: Sundials and the equation of time (5:22)

Added 6/11/13: AU, Ly, pc, Mpc (5:05)

Added 6/11/13: Best explanation I have seen of a Foucault Pendulum (3:21)

Added 6/11/13: Branch connects two electrical lines (0:18)

Added 6/11/13:  Don’t try this! (1:46)

Added 6/11/13:  More water on Europa than Earth? (3:33)

Added 6/11/13: Earth Space TIme Voetex (2:49)

Added 6/11/13: Upward Lightning (2:12)

Added 6/11/13:  Secret of the Stars (3:38)

Added 6/8/13:  How a 4 cylinder 4 stroke car engine works (2:45)

Added 6/8/13: The physics and chemistry of automobile exhaust gases (6:17)

Added 6/8/13:  Excellent animation of the engine to the gear box to the differential (5:54)

Added 6/8/13:  Gear box and clutch (manual transmission) (3:48)

Added 6/8/13:  The benefits of LSD (4:44)

Added 6/8/13:  How differential gears work (from the 1930’s) (9:31)

Added 6/8/13:  Bose-Einstein Condensate  (2:39)

Added 6/713:  Why you don’t flush sodium metal down the toilet (:48)

Added 6/7/13: How to throw cards really fast (1:46)

Added 6/7/3: The Master of Business Card Throwing (2:15)

Added 6/7/13:  Georg Cantor’s revenge: Different type of infinities (8:00)

Added 6/7/13: How tall can we build? (10:07)

Added 6/7/13: The Standard Model of Particle Physics (5:03)

Added 6/7/13: The Big Picture of Calculus (Integrals) (37:22)

Added 6/7/13:  The Big Picture of Calculus (Derivatives) (30:05)

Added 6/7/13:  The Big Picture of Calculus (Introduction) (37:47)

Added 6/7/13: Einstein on History Channel (1:29:53)

Added 6/7/13: The beauty of equations from an artists point of view (59:08)

Added 6/7/13: Video of inside of an engine showing the explosions!

Added 6/7/13:  Good animation of the Earth’s orbit.  I don’t totally agree with all the details, but it makes you think.

Added 6/6/13:  Fibonacci sequences in nature

Added 6/3/13:  Are you schizophrenic?

Added 6/2/13:  History of Climate Change

Added 5/22/13  Metronome coupling

Added 5/13/13  Earth’s core is speeding up.

Added 4/24/13:  If you need additional help in Physics                                                    username: normanhighschool    Password:  tigers

Added 4/21/13: Euler’s Disk

Added 4/9/13 (tip of the hat to Carlie):  Mantis Shrimp = Awesome

Added 4/8/13:  Silly putty eats a magnet

Added 4/7/13:  In the top 5 coolest currently living

Added 4/6/13: 1940’s version of life on other planets

Added 3/29/13: This one just makes me happy

Added 3/26/13:  Our Universe in 18 minutes

Added 3/23/13: The 10 most important #s in history.

Added 3/17/13:  DO THIS!! 

Added 3/17/13: The Nuclear Option

Added 3/16/13:  E = mc^2 is wrong

Added 3/14/13 (Tip of the hat to Joel Deardorf for sending me this one)  Sound + Water

Added 3/12/13:  Einsteins Theory of Relativity explained in about 15 minutes.

Added 3/11/13: Feynman on rubber bands

Added 3/11/13:  Standing Waves

Added 3/10/13:  Einstein’s notebook

Added 3/8/13: Pendulum Wave Remix

Added 3/8/13:  Pendulum waves

Added 2/17/13: Mosh Pit Physics

Added 2/17/13:  Neil deGrasse talks about the latest asteroids

Added 2/10/13:  10 minutes of Carl.

Added 2/9/13:  10 minute 1930’s  silent film showing wind tunnel data from wings and slotted wings.  For some reason I found it really interesting. Couldn’t stop watching!

Added 2/9/13: First World Problems

Added 2/9/13:  Einstein’s Last Mystery

Added 2/8/13:  Well, it was nice knowing you . . . 

Added 2/8/13: Formula One Racing abuse of air

Added 2/7/13: A great one minute source of excellent science links

Added 1/28/13:  We are becoming Cyborgs

◊ 2012 ◊ 

Added 12/31/12:  The most perfect scene I have witnessed in a movie

Added 12/27/12:  Last 200 years — > Next 20 years in 5 minutes

Added 12/27/12:  50 years of Nasa Missions

Added 12/19/12:  Great 6 minute animation of the LHC

Added 12/19/12:  The Large Hadron Collider

Added 12/16/12:  Higgs field and LHC explained in a cool way

Added 12/18/12:  Milky Way and Andromeda will collide in just 4 billion years

Added 12/15/12:  A good reference site for our expanding universe discussion:

Added 12/15/12:  Good Doppler effect website.

Added 12/11/12:  Packet 3 Videos for sheet 3.10

Video #1: Big Physics Ideas

Video #2A:  Courtenay Raia,  From her UCLA course on Science and Religion

Video #2B:  Courtenay Raia,  Mechanical Philosophy

VIDEO #3:  Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging (rated PG-13)

Added 11/18/12:  Udacity — The future of online courses?

Added 10/23:  Top ten Dragster Crashes (From the Kinematics in Drag Worksheet).

10/7/12:  NASA:  The Perpetual Ocean

9/28/12:  A Capella Science – Rolling in the Higgs (Adele Parody)

9/16/12:  Look below for the videos for Packet 1:

video#1:  Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids

video#2 William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

Video #3  Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable

VIDEO #4:  Lucianne Walkowicz: Finding planets around other stars

VIDEO #5:  VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization

8/12/12: Click here for:  A good site to look at NOW if you are going to college.

7/5/12: Click here for:  Brian Cox — A night with the Stars

7/3/12: Click here for:  The Higgs described after today’s big announcement.

7/1/12: Click here for: The Mechanical Universe Series

7/1/12: Click here for:  The Physics Classroom (an excellent tutorial)

6/30/12: Click here for: Global Warming debate laid out

6/26/12:  Click here for:  Slinky in detailed Free Fall.

4/8/12: Click here for: Minute Physics

2/10/12: Click here for: a cool interactive space site

2/8/12:  Click here for: “Knittin” Needle on the ISS

◊ 2011 ◊ 

12/16/11:  Click here for: The earth breathes or . . . watch the world burn:

12/14/11: Click here for: Voyager videos

12/12/11: Click here for: Curiosity landing on Mars in August 2012

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