Packet Videos and Readings

Below are the links for the Video and Reading questions

Videos and Readings for SPRING 2016:

Packet 7:  James Webb Video

Packet 7:Looking Beyond the Reach of the Hubble by Science Channel

Packet 7:Will This Go Faster Than Light? by Veritasium


Packet 6: Video #1: Teenager Wins $400,000

Packet 6: Video #2: Are Space and Time an Illusion?

Packet 6: Video #3: Galactic Cannibalism:


Packet 5: Reading #1:  What came Before the Big Bang? 

Packet 5:  Reading #2: Fun with Asteroids.


Packet 3: Video#1: Crowd Energy– Ocean Turbines

Packet 3: Video#2: Sea of Plastic in the Pacific

Packet 3: Video#3:  What Happens When the Earth’s Magnetic Poles Reverse?

Packet 3: Video#4:   Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Power Plant

Packet 3: Video#5:   Tesla’s AutoPilot

Packet 3: Video#6:  Death by Rollercoaster

Packet 3: Video#7: The VOID is being built

Packet 3: Video#8:  The Hawaiian Chieftain


Packet 2:  Reading #1: New York Times article about going to Mars

Packet 2:  Reading #2: Tesla’s new Powerwall

Packet 2:  Reading #3: Scale of the Universe


Packet 1:  Video #1: A 2014 60 Minutes interview with Elon Musk

Packet 1: video#2:  Physics Girl Plays in the pool (Part 1)

Packet 1: video#3:  Physics Girl Plays in the pool (Part 2)

Packet 1: video#4:  Tree-Shaped Wind Turbines set to Hit Paris Streets


SPRING 2015:  PACKET 7 Readings

Reading #1:  Speed Kills

Reading #2:  Tesla’s Battery for your Home Terrifies Utility Companies

Reading #3:   First π

Reading #4: Most Important Pie Chart You’ll See Today

Reading #5: Five Beloved Scientists who were Actually Bullies

Reading #6:  Mar’s One — Would you be willing to die there?

Reading #7:  Italian Astronaut Recounts Near-Drowning in Spacesuit

Spring 2015:  Packet 6 Videos

video#1:  Justin Hall-Tipping on Freeing Energy From the Grid

video#2:  Physics Girl Plays in the pool (Part 1)

video#3:  Physics Girl Plays in the pool (Part 2)

video#4:  The Jet Man

video#5:  Convection Currents in the Earth

video#6:  Tree-Shaped Wind Turbines set to Hit Paris Streets

video#7:  The Most Awesome Robots as of today

Fall 2014 Packet 4 Readings: 

Article #1:  The Physics of baseball

Click here for:  Q: If nothing can escape a black hole’s gravity, then how does the gravity itself escape?

Click here for: Q: How can the universe expand faster than the speed of light?

Click here for: Q: What would you experience if you were going the speed of light?

Click here for: Q: Why is the speed of light the fastest speed? Why is light so special?

Click here for: Q: Does light experience time?

Click here for: Q: If a photon doesn’t experience time, then how can it travel?

Click here for: Q: If time were reversed would things fall up?


Fall 2014 Packet 3 Videos

VIDEO #1:  Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids

VIDEO #2 William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

VIDEO #3  Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable

VIDEO #4:  Lucianne Walkowicz: Finding planets around other stars

VIDEO #5:  VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization


Fall 2014  Packet 2 Readings:

Reading #1:  One of the simplest and effective Physics animations I have seen in a while. It’s about the Higgs particle.

Reading #2: Scale of Infinity 


FALL 2014 Packet 1 Video links For Sheet 1.3:

Video #1 (13:11) :  (A 2014 60 Minutes interview with Elon Musk)

Video #2  (7:20) :  (TED– Captain Charles Moore takes on the Sea of Plastic in the Pacific)

Video #3  (10:41) :  (Veritasium — Primordial Gravitational Wave Discovery!  Evidence of Cosmic Inflation)



◊ 2013 ◊ 

WARNING:  You can watch the videos below, but they may or may not be used this year. 

Packet 4 (2013) Reading Links:

Reading: Life is a Braid in Spacetime

Reading: In Search of Time’s Origin

Added 12/9/13: Quarks to Quasars (Dark Energy)

Added 12/3/13:  If someone is a Climate Change denier and you need some ammo for your argument against them, this is the best site I have ever seen with hundreds of links to actual data and studies.

Packet 3 (2013) Video: What is Space?

Video 2.1: Brian Cox on Cern’s Supercollider

Video 2.2: Bill Stone explores the world’s deepest caves

Video 2.3: Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging


Reading #1:  Speed Kills (NPS blocks xkcd so you will have to check this one out from home)

Reading #2:  First π

Reading #3: Curiosity Finds Ancient Life

Reading #4: Five Beloved Scientists who were Actually Bullies

Reading #5:  Most Important Pie Chart You’ll See Today

Reading #6: Italian Astronaut Recounts Near-Drowning in Spacesuit

Reading #7:  Guy Builds Solar-Powered Death Ray In His Backyard (Yawn)

Reading #1

Reading #2: (A very small slice)

Reading #3

Reading #4:

Reading #5

Added 9/13/13:  How camshafts work.

Added 9/2/13:  Puffer Fish are romantic.  Who knew?

Added 8/31/13: WIND (this is more of a website, but it is moving)

Added 7/1/13:  Amazing bead chain experiment in slow motion (5:15) by Earthunplugged

Added 6/28/13: The phases of the moon (3:41) by History Channel

Added 6/28/13: Stuff Engineering students DON’T say (1:52) by Brandon Crooks

Added 6/28/13: The Birth of The Calculus – Part 2 (12:25) by the BBC

Added 6/28/13:  The Birth of The Calculus – Part 1 (12:26) by the BBC

Added 6/28/13:  Archimedes’ Secret (BBC Documentary) (47:46)

Added 6/28/13: Flatland: The Film (1:39:55)

Added 6/27/13: Brainman on Letterman (8:13)

Added 6/27/13: A short comparison of stars (2:21)

Added 6/26/13: A candid conversation with Brian Green (54:44)

Added 6/26/13:  Imagining 10 Dimensions – the Movie (1:44:28) If you have the time, this is really excellent.

Added 6/26/13:  Michio Kaku on Quantum Mechanics (58:38)

Added 6/26/13: Quantum Mechanics in lass than 1 hour (52:51) by Brian Greene

Added 6/26/13:  The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein (1:43:17) A little long. Beginning and ending are the best. Lecture part is okay . . . lots of examples, but she was a little boring after awhile.Fast forward as desired.

Added 6/26/13: Newton’s Dark Secrets (52:33)

Added 6/24/13: Einstein’s theory of gravity and spacetime (8:44)

Added 6/22/13:  There were many Physics experiments (starting with Galileo) attempting to determine the speed of light. This talkes about one of them. (4:32) by Doc Physics

Added 6/22/13: Doppler effect for sound and light and red shift (4:53) by Doc Physics

Added 6/22/13: Magnitudes of Earthquakes explained in 2 minutes (2:01) by VideofromSpace

Added 6/20/13:  The Collapse of Physics as we know it (11:00)

Added 6/18/13: 2500 FPS drop of water (3:33) by the Slow Mo Guys

Added 6/18/13:  BIG THINK (Website full of outstanding blogs,articles,and videos)

Added 6/17/13:  Dark Matter / Dark Energy (5:35)

Added 6/15/13: How will the sun die? (1:01)

Added 6/15/13: Earth 100 million years from now (3:19)

Added 6/15/13: Earth Religion 5000 Years Time Lapse Map (1:55)

Added 6/15/13: How do we know what different stars are made of? (8:21)

Added 6/13/13: The secret lives (and deaths) of stars in under 2 minutes (1:55)

Added 6/13/13:  What is Dark Matter? (6:12)

Added 6/12/13:  Physics Slam 2012 (1:30:49)

Added 6/12/13: Cesium in water (slow motion) (4:16)

Added 6/11/13:  I WAS surprised  (1:40)

Added 6/11/13:  Center of Mass video (19:16)

Added 6/11/13: Sundials and the equation of time (5:22)

Added 6/11/13: AU, Ly, pc, Mpc (5:05)

Added 6/11/13: Best explanation I have seen of a Foucault Pendulum (3:21)

Added 6/11/13: Branch connects two electrical lines (0:18)

Added 6/11/13:  Don’t try this! (1:46)

Added 6/11/13:  More water on Europa than Earth? (3:33)

Added 6/11/13: Earth Space TIme Voetex (2:49)

Added 6/11/13: Upward Lightning (2:12)

Added 6/11/13:  Secret of the Stars (3:38)

Added 6/8/13:  How a 4 cylinder 4 stroke car engine works (2:45)

Added 6/8/13: The physics and chemistry of automobile exhaust gases (6:17)

Added 6/8/13:  Excellent animation of the engine to the gear box to the differential (5:54)

Added 6/8/13:  Gear box and clutch (manual transmission) (3:48)

Added 6/8/13:  The benefits of LSD (4:44)

Added 6/8/13:  How differential gears work (from the 1930’s) (9:31)

Added 6/8/13:  Bose-Einstein Condensate  (2:39)

Added 6/713:  Why you don’t flush sodium metal down the toilet (:48)

Added 6/7/13: How to throw cards really fast (1:46)

Added 6/7/3: The Master of Business Card Throwing (2:15)

Added 6/7/13:  Georg Cantor’s revenge: Different type of infinities (8:00)

Added 6/7/13: How tall can we build? (10:07)

Added 6/7/13: The Standard Model of Particle Physics (5:03)

Added 6/7/13: The Big Picture of Calculus (Integrals) (37:22)

Added 6/7/13:  The Big Picture of Calculus (Derivatives) (30:05)

Added 6/7/13:  The Big Picture of Calculus (Introduction) (37:47)

Added 6/7/13: Einstein on History Channel (1:29:53)

Added 6/7/13: The beauty of equations from an artists point of view (59:08)

Added 6/7/13: Video of inside of an engine showing the explosions!

Added 6/7/13:  Good animation of the Earth’s orbit.  I don’t totally agree with all the details, but it makes you think.

Added 6/6/13:  Fibonacci sequences in nature

Added 6/3/13:  Are you schizophrenic?

Added 6/2/13:  History of Climate Change

Added 5/22/13  Metronome coupling

Added 5/13/13  Earth’s core is speeding up.

Added 4/24/13:  If you need additional help in Physics                                                    username: normanhighschool    Password:  tigers

Added 4/21/13: Euler’s Disk

Added 4/9/13 (tip of the hat to Carlie):  Mantis Shrimp = Awesome

Added 4/8/13:  Silly putty eats a magnet

Added 4/7/13:  In the top 5 coolest currently living

Added 4/6/13: 1940’s version of life on other planets

Added 3/29/13: This one just makes me happy

Added 3/26/13:  Our Universe in 18 minutes

Added 3/23/13: The 10 most important #s in history.

Added 3/17/13:  DO THIS!! 

Added 3/17/13: The Nuclear Option

Added 3/16/13:  E = mc^2 is wrong

Added 3/14/13 (Tip of the hat to Joel Deardorf for sending me this one)  Sound + Water

Added 3/12/13:  Einsteins Theory of Relativity explained in about 15 minutes.

Added 3/11/13: Feynman on rubber bands

Added 3/11/13:  Standing Waves

Added 3/10/13:  Einstein’s notebook

Added 3/8/13: Pendulum Wave Remix

Added 3/8/13:  Pendulum waves

Added 2/17/13: Mosh Pit Physics

Added 2/17/13:  Neil deGrasse talks about the latest asteroids

Added 2/10/13:  10 minutes of Carl.

Added 2/9/13:  10 minute 1930’s  silent film showing wind tunnel data from wings and slotted wings.  For some reason I found it really interesting. Couldn’t stop watching!

Added 2/9/13: First World Problems

Added 2/9/13:  Einstein’s Last Mystery

Added 2/8/13:  Well, it was nice knowing you . . . 

Added 2/8/13: Formula One Racing abuse of air

Added 2/7/13: A great one minute source of excellent science links

Added 1/28/13:  We are becoming Cyborgs

◊ 2012 ◊ 

Added 12/31/12:  The most perfect scene I have witnessed in a movie

Added 12/27/12:  Last 200 years — > Next 20 years in 5 minutes

Added 12/27/12:  50 years of Nasa Missions

Added 12/19/12:  Great 6 minute animation of the LHC

Added 12/19/12:  The Large Hadron Collider

Added 12/16/12:  Higgs field and LHC explained in a cool way

Added 12/18/12:  Milky Way and Andromeda will collide in just 4 billion years

Added 12/15/12:  A good reference site for our expanding universe discussion:

Added 12/15/12:  Good Doppler effect website.

Added 12/11/12:  Packet 3 Videos for sheet 3.10

Video #1: Big Physics Ideas

Video #2A:  Courtenay Raia,  From her UCLA course on Science and Religion

Video #2B:  Courtenay Raia,  Mechanical Philosophy

VIDEO #3:  Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging (rated PG-13)

Added 11/18/12:  Udacity — The future of online courses?

Added 10/23:  Top ten Dragster Crashes (From the Kinematics in Drag Worksheet).

10/7/12:  NASA:  The Perpetual Ocean

9/28/12:  A Capella Science – Rolling in the Higgs (Adele Parody)

9/16/12:  Look below for the videos for Packet 1:

video#1:  Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids

video#2 William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

Video #3  Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable

VIDEO #4:  Lucianne Walkowicz: Finding planets around other stars

VIDEO #5:  VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization

8/12/12: Click here for:  A good site to look at NOW if you are going to college.

7/5/12: Click here for:  Brian Cox — A night with the Stars

7/3/12: Click here for:  The Higgs described after today’s big announcement.

7/1/12: Click here for: The Mechanical Universe Series

7/1/12: Click here for:  The Physics Classroom (an excellent tutorial)

6/30/12: Click here for: Global Warming debate laid out

6/26/12:  Click here for:  Slinky in detailed Free Fall.

4/8/12: Click here for: Minute Physics

2/10/12: Click here for: a cool interactive space site

2/8/12:  Click here for: “Knittin” Needle on the ISS

◊ 2011 ◊ 

12/16/11:  Click here for: The earth breathes or . . . watch the world burn:

12/14/11: Click here for: Voyager videos

12/12/11: Click here for: Curiosity landing on Mars in August 2012

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