Modern Physics History

Click on the following Modern Physics for each packet.  You will need to make sure you write down the pertinent information for each Packet’s history in your notebook.  The four multiple choice questions in the history section of each test are worth 1 pt each, but you get 2 bonus points for each one you get right.   So you can make anywhere from a (-5) for the history section up to a (+10!!). That’s a 15 pt turn around for just listening in class when Askey goes over the history  and then reading it over a few times.

Packet 2 Modern Physics History  (1896 – 1915)

Packet 3 Modern Physics History (1915 – 1924)

Packet 4 Modern Physics History  (1925 – 1933)

Packet 5 Modern Physics History  (1936 – 1943)

Packet 6 Modern Physics History (1946 – 1953)

Packet 7 Modern Physics History (1955 – 1967)


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