Modern, Nuclear, and Particle Physics, Relativity, etc.

NHS Physics is concentrated in Classical Mechanics.  My job is to give you a strong foundation in the fundamentals. We don’t do much formal work with quantum, relativity, string theory, etc. It does come up in discussion sometimes. I find these very interesting and representative of the state of Physics in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Added 3/22/14:  Doc Physics – Intro to Radioactivity, Nuclear Decay, Alpha, Beta, . .  (8:30)

Added 3/22/14: Doc Physics – Radioactivity, Half-Life, Video Games, Exponential D (20:00)

Added 7/5/13: Radioactive Decay Equations (3:30)

Added 7/3/13: Feynman Diagrams – A Beginner’s Guide (5:35) by Fizzics

Added 6/26/13: A candid conversation with Brian Green (54:44)

Added 6/26/13:  Imagining 10 Dimensions – the Movie (1:44:28) If you have the time, this is really excellent.

Added 6/26/13:  Michio Kaku on Quantum Mechanics (58:38)

Added 6/26/13: Quantum Mechanics in less than 1 hour (52:51) by Brian Greene

Added 6/26/13:  The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein (1:43:17) A little long. Beginning and ending are the best. Lecture part is okay . . . lots of examples, but she was a little boring after awhile.Fast forward as desired.

Added 6/24/13: Einstein’s theory of gravity and spacetime (8:44)

Added 6/20/13:  The Collapse of Physics as we know it (11:00)

Added 6/17/13:  Dark Matter / Dark Energy (5:35)

Added 6/13/13:  What is Dark Matter? (6:12)

Added 6/12/13:  Physics Slam 2012 (1:30:49)

Added 6/11/13: Earth Space TIme Voetex (2:49)

Added 6/8/13:  Bose-Einstein Condensate  (2:39)

Added 6/7/13: The Standard Model of Particle Physics (5:03)

Added 4/7/13:  In the top 5 coolest currently living

Added 4/6/13: 1940’s version of life on other planets

Added 3/29/13: This one just makes me happy

Added 3/26/13:  Our Universe in 18 minutes

Added 3/23/13: The 10 most important #s in history.

Added 3/17/13:  DO THIS!! 

Added 3/17/13: The Nuclear Option

Added 3/16/13:  E = mc^2 is wrong

Added 3/14/13 (Tip of the hat to Joel Deardorf for sending me this one)  Sound + Water

Added 3/12/13:  Einsteins Theory of Relativity explained in about 15 minutes.

Added 3/11/13: Feynman on rubber bands

Added 2/9/13:  Einstein’s Last Mystery

Added 12/19/12:  Great 6 minute animation of the LHC

Added 12/19/12:  The Large Hadron Collider

Added 12/16/12:  Higgs field and LHC explained in a cool way

7/3/12: Click here for:  The Higgs described after today’s big announcement.


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