Machines, motors, generators

Added 11/3: Another good V8 animation

Added 9/27:  Construction of the worlds smallest V12 engine.  This guy’s awesome.  Even has his own inspirational music.

Added 9/19:  Another Tip of the hat to Phillip:  This is the best gif I have ever seen on how car engines work.

8/29/13: BIG tip of the hat to auto buff Phillip Long for suggesting this website.  It is uber important if you want to know more about how a car engine works.  It is a series of videos, I’ve watched one so far, but I think I will really enjoy these.

Added 7/6/13:  Magnetism: Motors and Generators (2:03)

Added 6/8/13:  How a 4 cylinder 4 stroke car engine works (2:45)

Added 4/3/15: Engine Layouts Explained (V6, I6, V8, W12) (3:12)

Added 4/2/15:  How car gears work . . .  complete with some UA! (12:40)

Added 6/8/13: The physics and chemistry of automobile exhaust gases (6:17)

Added 6/8/13:  Excellent animation of the engine to the gear box to the differential (5:54)

Added 6/8/13:  Gear box and clutch (manual transmission) (3:48)

Added 6/8/13:  The benefits of LSD (4:44)

Added 6/8/13:  How differential gears work (from the 1930’s) (9:31)

Added 6/7/13: Video of inside of an engine showing the explosions!

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