General Awesome Physics videos

These videos are cool demonstrations or just outstanding and interesting.They don’t really fit in any of the other categories.

11/18/13: The Illusion of Time  by Brian Greene

11/18/13:  The Fabric of the Universe.  What is Space? by Brian Greene

11/9/13: This one minute video doesn’t tell you how to do anything. Big Failure.

9/8/13:  The Strobe Light Effect.  Love Mehdi!

Added 8/21/13:  Not really pure Physics, but absolutely awesome

Added 7/5/13:  500 LED Extreme flashlight (3:17)

Added 7/5/13:  How a mechanical watch works (3:17) This is an awesome animation!

Added 7/5/13: How clock tower clocks work (7:25) by Trevor Murphy

Added 7/5/13: How atomic clocks work (2:39) by Dr. David Wineland

Added 7/3/13: 6 cool easy experiments you can do at home for fun (2:22) by BuzzFeedYellow

Added 7/1/13:  Amazing bead chain experiment in slow motion (5:15) by Earthunplugged

Added 6/28/13: Stuff Engineering students DON’T say (1:52) by Brandon Crooks

Added 6/28/13: Flatland: The Film (1:39:55)

Added 6/27/13: Brainman on Letterman (8:13)

Added 6/22/13: Doppler effect for sound and light and red shift (4:53) by Doc Physics

Added 6/20/13:  The Collapse of Physics as we know it (11:00)

Added 6/18/13: 2500 FPS drop of water (3:33) by the Slow Mo Guys

Added 6/12/13:  Physics Slam 2012 (1:30:49)

Added 6/12/13: Cesium in water (slow motion) (4:16)

Added 6/11/13:  I WAS surprised  (1:40)

Added 6/11/13:  Center of Mass video (19:16)

Added 6/11/13: Best explanation I have seen of a Foucault Pendulum (3:21)

Added 6/11/13: Branch connects two electrical lines (0:18)

Added 6/11/13:  Don’t try this! (1:46)

Added 6/11/13: Upward Lightning (2:12)

Added 6/8/13:  How a 4 cylinder 4 stroke car engine works (2:45)

Added 6/8/13: The physics and chemistry of automobile exhaust gases (6:17)

Added 6/8/13:  Excellent animation of the engine to the gear box to the differential (5:54)

Added 6/8/13:  Gear box and clutch (manual transmission) (3:48)

Added 6/8/13:  The benefits of LSD (4:44)

Added 6/8/13:  How differential gears work (from the 1930’s) (9:31)

Added 6/8/13:  Bose-Einstein Condensate  (2:39)

Added 6/713:  Why you don’t flush sodium metal down the toilet (:48)

Added 6/7/13: How to throw cards really fast (1:46)

Added 6/7/3: The Master of Business Card Throwing (2:15)

Added 6/7/13: How tall can we build? (10:07)

Added 6/7/13: Video of inside of an engine showing the explosions!

Added 6/6/13:  Fibonacci sequences in nature

Added 6/3/13:  Are you schizophrenic?

Added 5/22/13  Metronome coupling

Added 4/21/13: Euler’s Disk

Added 4/9/13 (tip of the hat to Carlie):  Mantis Shrimp = Awesome

Added 4/8/13:  Silly putty eats a magnet

Added 4/7/13:  In the top 5 coolest currently living

Added 3/29/13: This one just makes me happy

Added 3/23/13: The 10 most important #s in history.

Added 3/17/13:  DO THIS!! 

Added 3/17/13: The Nuclear Option

Added 3/16/13:  E = mc^2 is wrong

Added 3/14/13 (Tip of the hat to Joel Deardorf for sending me this one)  Sound + Water

Added 3/11/13: Feynman on rubber bands

Added 3/11/13:  Standing Waves

Added 3/8/13: Pendulum Wave Remix

Added 3/8/13:  Pendulum waves

Added 2/17/13: Mosh Pit Physics

Added 2/9/13:  10 minute 1930’s  silent film showing wind tunnel data from wings and slotted wings.  For some reason I found it really interesting. Couldn’t stop watching!

Added 2/9/13: First World Problems

Added 2/8/13: Formula One Racing abuse of air

Added 2/7/13: A great one minute source of excellent science links

Added 12/31/12:  The most perfect scene I have witnessed in a movie

Added 12/15/12:  Good Doppler effect website.

Aubrey de Grey says we can avoid aging (rated PG-13)

Added 11/18/12:  Udacity — The future of online courses?

Added 10/23:  Top ten Dragster Crashes (From the Kinematics in Drag Worksheet).

10/7/12:  NASA:  The Perpetual Ocean

video#2 William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

Video #3  Michael Pritchard’s water filter turns filthy water drinkable

VIDEO #5:  VS Ramachandran: The neurons that shaped civilization

8/12/12: Click here for:  A good site to look at NOW if you are going to college.

7/1/12: Click here for:  The Physics Classroom (an excellent tutorial)

6/26/12:  Click here for:  Slinky in detailed Free Fall.

4/8/12: Click here for: Minute Physics

2/8/12:  Click here for: “Knittin” Needle on the ISS

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