Packet 1 (Will start on 8/20/18)

WARNING!! The order, sheet number and hand out dates are subject to change as I keep making adjustments.

Also . . .  I am constantly making changes to papers so if you are going to look ahead, realize that all future papers are subject to slightly change on a nightly basis.

Sheet 1.1 (side 1&2) Prelab1a– Kinematics

Sheet 1.2 (side 1 & 2 ) Prelab 1c-Extra Practice

Sheet 1.3A (side 1) Intro to Metrics

Sheet 1.3B (side 2) Intro to Metrics 

Sheet 1.4 Introduction to Gold Standard

Sheet 1.5–Prelab 1b and  Intro to Cirmot

Sheet 1.6 Metric Sheet#2–side1 of 1

Sheet 1.7 Packet 1 Video Questions

Sheet 1.8 Packet1 Worksheet on 2D vs. time

Sheet 1.9 Pinwheels and Bridges

Sheet 1.10 Unit Analysis Part 2 (Gold Standard) — Side 1 and 2

 Sheet 1.11 (side1&2) Pre Lab#2 Askey’s Trippin Run

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