Packet 1 (Will start on 8/21/17 )

WARNING!! The order, sheet number and hand out dates are subject to change as I keep making adjustments.

Also . . .  I am constantly making changes to papers so if you are going to look ahead, realize that all future papers are subject to slightly change on a nightly basis.

Sheet 1.1 (side 1&2) Prelab1a– Kinematics

Sheet 1.2 (side 1 & 2 ) Prelab 1c-Extra Practice

Sheet 1.3A (side 1) Intro to Metrics

Sheet 1.3B (side 2) Intro to Metrics 

Sheet 1.4–Unit Analysis Part 1

Sheet 1.5–Prelab 1b and  Intro to Cirmot

Sheet 1.6 Metric Sheet#2–side1 of 1

Sheet 1.7 Packet 1 Video Questions

Sheet 1.8 Packet1 Worksheet on 2D vs. time

Sheet 1.9 Pinwheels and Bridges

Sheet 1.10 Gold Standard Part2

 Sheet 1.11 (side1&2) Pre Lab#2 Askey’s Trippin Run



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