Associated Math videos

We go through A LOT of websites and demonstration videos in our discussions. I will list as many of the links here as I can according to the date that I find them.

Added 6/28/13: The mathematics of air flow (52:28) by Stanford University

Added 6/28/13: Stuff Engineering students DON’T say (1:52) by Brandon Crooks

Added 6/28/13: The Birth of The Calculus – Part 2 (12:25) by the BBC

Added 6/28/13:  The Birth of The Calculus – Part 1 (12:26) by the BBC

Added 6/28/13:  Archimedes’ Secret (BBC Documentary) (47:46)

Added 6/27/13: Brainman on Letterman (8:13)

Added 6/26/13:  Imagining 10 Dimensions – the Movie (1:44:28) If you have the time, this is really excellent.

Added 6/11/13:  I WAS surprised  (1:40)

Added 6/7/3: The Master of Business Card Throwing (2:15)

Added 6/7/13:  Georg Cantor’s revenge: Different type of infinities (8:00)

Added 6/7/13: How tall can we build? (10:07)

Added 6/7/13: The Standard Model of Particle Physics (5:03)

Added 6/7/13: The Big Picture of Calculus (Integrals) (37:22)

Added 6/7/13:  The Big Picture of Calculus (Derivatives) (30:05)

Added 6/7/13:  The Big Picture of Calculus (Introduction) (37:47)

Added 6/7/13: The beauty of equations from an artists point of view (59:08)

Added 6/6/13:  Fibonacci sequences in nature

Added 3/16/13:  E = mc^2 is wrong

Added 2/8/13: Formula One Racing abuse of air

Added 2/7/13: A great one minute source of excellent science links


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