107 Help Videos as of 5/25/18


Here is one of the best set of videos I have found on Physics for the high school student. Check this out.   You will have to pause it a lot because she goes pretty fast.  CRASH COURSE IN PHYSICS.  Click here to watch the first video.

Here’s the ENTIRE Physics course at MIT: Everything you need.  This is the college version with calculus, but it is taught by the master, Walter Lewin. Oh if you need me, I’ll be lounging at home sipping on a big cup of coffee while contemplating the future of teaching.

Here are a set of 45 Physics help videos that are pretty quick and to the point,  They don’t go into a lot of detail and they are fairly simple, but sometimes that is what you need. These are made by The New Boston Educators




I tried to list the following help videos as you need them in the my course.  I will probably have to adjust them from time to time.

Packet 1: HV1.10 What is the difference between distance and displacement? (4:23) by davenport1947

Packet 1: HV1.15 Click here for Introduction to the How the Universe Works Series

Packet 1: HV1.20 Click here for a help video about how to play the Metric Game

Packet 1: HV1.21 Click here for a help video about how to do a Gold Standard Unit Analysis Problem

Packet 1: HV1.25 Click here for a help video about “a better way to write” metrics.

Packet 1: HV1.30 Relative speeds (3:19) by Brightstorm

Packet 1: HV1.35 Calculating average velocity or speed (11:45) by Khan Academy

Packet 1: HV1.40 Click here for a help video about how to draw a slope (derivative) graph

Packet 1: HV1.41 Click here for a help video about kinematics and the NFL (5:34) by NBC news

Packet 1: HV1.45 Graphing Solo and duet graphs (7:48) by Physics EH

Packet 1: HV1.46 Introduction to Angular Motion (8:09) by Khan

Packet 1: HV1.47 Intro to Angular Motion (2:59) by Flipped Physics

Packet 1: HV1.50 Click here for a help video about how to draw an area (integral) graph

Packet 1: HV1.55 Why distance is area under velocity-time line on a graph (9:26) by Khan Academy

Packet 1: HV1.60 Graphing the duet derivative graphs and area graphs) (a little squirrelly) (13:13) by dcaulf

Packet 1: HV1.65  Graphing the Trio (8:07) by Physics EH

Packet 1: HV1.70  Click here for a help video about Unit Analysis Part III (from 1992)

Packet 1: HV1.75  Click here for help with the concept of acceleration

Packet 1: HV1.80  Acceleration (9:06) by Khan Academy

Packet 1: HV1.85  Click here for a help video about determining the slope of a curve.

Packet 1: HV1.90  How the Universe Works – Secants, Tangents, Avg, Instantaneous, &   Example #4a&4b (35:15)

Packet 1: HV1.95  A great overview of Kinematics (10:39) by Crash Course


Packet 2: Click here for a help video about the Beautiful Patterns

Packet 2: Calculus Intro:  Derivatives (Doc Physics 25:59)

Packet 2:  How the Universe Works–CLDeipa Introduced and Example #5 (35:56)

Packet 2: How the Universe Works — CL Deipa using 3rd Orange Equation (9:58)

Packet 2: How the Universe Works — Orange Quadratic FormulaHow the Universe Works (3:45)

Packet 2: How the Universe Works — Orange Quadratic Formula Crazy Joe races for the Border (13:49)


Packet 3: Girl in the Jeep .  Going from v vs. t  to  x vs. t  Five trio situations (and one for fun) (24:49)

Packet 3:  Stadium Drop and Free Fall Graphs/Equations

Packet 3: Rules for Siggies! (Significant figures) (6:04) by Brightstorm

Packet 3: Would a brick or feather fall faster? (10:34) by Khan Academy

Packet 3:  How the Universe Works – Example 19 Free Fall Trio

Packet 3: Air Rockets & How the Universe Works Example 20

Packet 3: Head-to-Tail method of adding vector (HUW Example 21)

Packet 3: Basics of Right triangle trig (3:25)

Packet 3: Right triangle math (13:28) by dcaulf

Packet 3: Introduction to Vectors and scalars (8:39) by Khan Academy

Packet 3: Vector Components (2:09) by Physics EH 

Packet 3: Vectors (5:27) by physicsfrac

Packet 3: 10 Step Method to adding vectors — Statics and Equilibrants  (HUW Example 22)


Packet 4: Introduction to Projectile Motion

Packet 4: Mr. Cain explains how to determine the size of Planet X

Packet 4:  MythBusters Bullet Fired and Dropped (2:52) by Mythbusters

Packet 4: Combo Problem: Crazy Joe Jumps the River

Packet 4: Projectile Motion Type I and Type IIA with graphing of the Duet/Trios

Packet 4: Type IIB Projectile Motion Graphed

Packet 4: Type IIB Projectile Motion (5:37) by Physics EH

Packet 4: Crazy Joe’s car rolls into the Ocean (Combo problem w Type IIB)

Packet 4: HUW– Conservation of Momentum  Example 23

Packet 4: HUW–Conservation of Momentum — Recoil Example 24

Packet 4:  Inv7ExpanVB #12  Glancing pool balls 2D collisions  (13:47)


Packet 5: Inertia: The resistance to Acceleration (5:35) by physicsfrac

Packet 5:  Excellent Khan Academy help video on 2D collisions and Con of Mom (10:30)

Packet 5: Inv7ExpanVB #12 Colliding Vectors — a new quicker way to show it (5:07)

Packet 5:  Newton’s modern 2nd derived from his original 2nd

Packet 5:  F=ma  Early introductory problems

Packet 5: Mass and Weight clarification (10:41) by Khan Academy

Packet 5: FBD of a Rocket thrusting through the atmosphere at an angle

Packet 5: FBD of Balloon rising with wind gusting

Packet 5: Small boat being towed by a big boat

Packet 5: Buoyancy (7:41) by Doc Physics

Packet 5:   Baseball Bat, a softball, and Newton’s original 2nd Law ;  Inv 7 Expan VB #8  (7:45)

Packet 5: Inv7ExpanVI #2 Flight of a Rocket  (13:47)



Packet 6:  Newton’s 3rd Law derived

Packet 6:  Liquid Nitrogen Canon (2:51) 

Packet 6: Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion (8:00) by Khan Academy

Packet 6: Metal cart and steel balls (Newton’s 1st Law vs. 1st Law)

Packet 6:  FBDs of three stacked Boxes

Packet 6:  Center of Mass by Doc Physics (10:57) by Doc Physics

Packet 6:  Center of Mass for all of you that are dabbling in Calculus (18:17)

Packet 6:  How to draw and interpret Impulse graphs  (23:06)

Packet 6:  A good video on the basics of impulse and change in momentum (9:10) by Bozeman Science

Packet 6:  A scale and elevator (3:59)

Packet 6:  An Impulse problem (5:31) by James Dann

Packet 6: An impulse problem (they use a J for impulse) (3:15) by wiipwnzps3

Packet 6: Impulse and Conservation of Momentum (13:19) by Doc Physics

Packet 6: The Essence of Calculus (Integrals) (3 Blue 1 Brown — 17:04)

Packet 6:   Newton’s Three Laws — Inv-7 Expan 4;  False statements explained. (12:40) 

Packet 6: Inv7ExpanVII  #6  F = ma @ an angle  (15:41)

Packet 6: Statics trick (3:57) by ilspatumaz

Packet 6: Inv7ExpanVII  #5 Truss problem: Statics NHS Short Cut (Law of Sines) (9:06)

Packet 6: Inv7ExpanVI  #5 FBD with angles and F = ma  (9:48)

Packet 6:  Short help video on how to draw a FBD on an Inclined Plane (11:00)



Packet 7: Inertial Balance  – Spring Dance

Packet 7: Graphing Damped Oscillations

Packet 7: Inv7ExpanVIII  #1 & #6  Pulleys and Inclined Planes  (24:46)

Packet 7: Dot Products (1:50)

Packet 7:  Work and Energy (9:17) by Khan Academy

Packet 7: Inv-9 Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem Problems (4:00)

Packet 7:  Cross Products (3:29)

Packet 7:  Torque basics (3:30)

Packet 7:  Great two minute Torque animation (2:00)

Packet 7:  Cross Products and Dot Products better explained (12:40)

Packet 7: Basics of Torque (7:48)  Joshua LaForge

Packet 7:  Torque and static problems (8:24)  Michel van Biezen

Packet 7: Potential and Kinetic Energy (12:29) by Dcaulf


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