9/8 – 9/11/15 (Pkt 1: Circular Motion, Slope Graphs)

THIS COMING WEEK IN THE 807 : (my best guess as of 9/12)


Mon (9/14)  In Class:  BOW, Joke Monday;  TRIBE DAY!  (must two sides complete)  

Tues (9/15) In Class:  RED DAY (must have entire THT1 completed

Wed (9/16) —  In Class: Slide show; 

Thur (9/17) —  In Class:  400 POINTS!!  200pt Text 1; Hand in your 120pt Packet 1, Hand in 80 point notebook

Fri (9/18) In Class: FEAST AND FILM!! 


( I will add captions before Monday morning. )

9/8 – 9/12/14 Pkt1: Test Week; Slope Graphs

Last Week:

Mon– HO Packet 1 Organizer; TRIBE DAY FOR 125 pt THT1

Tues– RED DAY for THT1

Wed– Wrap up day for Packet 1

Thur– 200pt TEST 1;  Handed in Packet 1; Handed in Notebook

Fri– Handed back notebook and talked about it; Our first Flash Back Friday;  Discussed Solo and Duet; HO 2.1 Worked the front of 2.1


Mon- Discuss Week ahead, AOW, BOW, Slide Show, JM,  Did the Tolt Test;   HO 2.2 More Practice on Kinematic Graphs

Tues– Worked on the back of 2.1 . . . learned about Area Graphs; HO 2.3 (40 pt Reading Questions); HO 2.4 Finger walking introduced;  

Wed– Work a Unit Analysis problem;  Finger walking; HO 2.5 Unit Analysis #2   

Thur–HO 2.6: Diluting Gravity;  Do Diluting Gravity Lab   (Had to move MOVIE NIGHT #1 to some other night because of game. 

Fri– FBF; HO 2.7 Graph for Diluting Gravity; Graph and discuss Diluting Gravity;  ASTRONOMY NIGHT at the Sam Noble Museum.  

9/2/14 – 9/5/14 (Circular, UA, Slope Graphs)

Last Week:


Tues– Slide Show, BoW, Discuss UA (1.4.5), HO 1.6

Wed– HO Take Home Test 1, Discuss 1.6, Circular World

Thur–HO 1.7 Go Outside, Discuss Circular World, Inspirational speech, Class Pic, Fight Song

Fri– Add covers to Notebooks, Discuss Bridge Equation between Circular World and Linear World, Work on 1.7 (graphing slope graphs)

Coming Week (Proposed)

Mon- BOW, Short Slide Show, JM, HO Packet 1 Organizer, Staple entire Packet together, TRIBE DAY

Tues– RED Day for Take Home Test 1

Wed– Wrap up Packet 1

Thur–  HAND IN: 100pt Notebook, 100pt Packet 1.  Take 200pt Test 1

Fri–  Make Ups, Flash Back Friday, Start Packet 2,  VB??