1/16 – 1/19/18 (Vectors, Momentum, Proj Mot.)

Here are the screenshots from last week.  I will be working on the captions this weekend.


1/8 – 1/12/18 (Vector intro stuff)

I will add all captions to these fresh shots as the weekend continues . . .


Here are the fresh screenshots for this past week:

12/4 – 12/8/17 (Free Fall,Rockets, GIJ)

Here are the main screen shots from the past week . .  .

11/20 – 12/1/17 (Blue Free Fall, Gravity)

Here are the most important screen shots from the last ten days.  Remember, you can print out and tape into your notebook any of these and their captions:

11/6 – 11/17/17 (Orange, Blue Free Fall, Cir Mot)

Here are the screen shots for the last couple of weeks.  There as many as you might expect because 2 of those days were Red Days and two of those days were tests.




10/30 – 11/3/17 (Orange Kinematics)

Here are the screen shots from this week: