8/22-8/24/18 (Red Kinematics)

This is from Wed,Thurs,Fri. Remember, you can print out any of these screenshots and captions and tape them into your notebook when ever you want as long as it is done before Packet 1 Notebook check on October 2nd.


8/20-8/21/18 Kinematics Intro (Red)

We’ve been doing a lot of introductory stuff, but we finally got going late in the hour on Monday.  We went out to the West Lawn and uniformly walked from the sidewalk by the science lot to the sidewalk by Main Street (50 meters).  We timed ourselves doing it.  Then we uniformly jogged from the sidewalk by Main street to the sidewalk by the science lot.  That was about it for Monday.  We came back in, I handed out sheet 1.2 and we wrote down our times.  The following Screenshots are from Tuesday  (8/21/18)  The discussions went many different ways in the five classes, but here is what each of the discussions had in common.  In other words, here’s the part you are responsible for so far:

5/21-5/25/18 (W-K, Torque)

Here are the pics and screenshots with captions from last week:

5/14-5/18 (W-K, UFT, Tesla, Picnic)

Here are the screenshots and pics for last week:

5/7-5/11/18 (Work)

AP Test Week #1 so we had to move a little slower.

4/30 – 5/4/18 (Inclined Planes / Pulleys)

We really only had two days this week to go over new material since Wed – Fri was testing stuff.

4/23 – 4/27/18 (Impulse,Statics, Elevators, Incl Planes, Angle of Repose)

Here are the highlights: