10/8-10/12/18 (Red Duets, Acceleration)

Here is what happened this week: I will add captions as I get time this week:


9/24 – 9/28/18 (Cir.Mot.;Duets)

Here are the most important screenshots from this week:

9/17-9/21 (Vectors,Cir Mot)

I will continue to add captions. All should be added by 10:00PM, 9/23/18.

9/10 – 9/14/18 (2D Kinematics, GSUA, Cir Mot)

I will be adding captions as I get time. . .

9/5 – 9/7/18 (2D Motion, Tribes, Red Day, Quiz 1)

Only three days this week.  Really only one day of new material.

8/22-8/24/18 (Red Kinematics)

This is from Wed,Thurs,Fri. Remember, you can print out any of these screenshots and captions and tape them into your notebook when ever you want as long as it is done before Packet 1 Notebook check on October 2nd.