Physics Celebrities

You come here for a chance of up to 20 points bonus per packet.

This is the place where you can get those 5 bonus points by writing me an email about each of the four Physics Celebrities per packet.  That’s Emille du Chatelet in the picture, she’s one of the top ten coolest women to live — you’ll learn about her later.

I will add 4 new celebrities with each new packet.   You must write at least 150 words about the information obtained about your celebrity.  I will say right up front that I lifted 90% of this from Wikipedia. I just put it in a more condensed form and tried to cut to the chase.  I added pictures, graphs, drawings, etc.  As for you. . . no cutting and pasting from this or any other website.  It has to be your own words!  Believe it or not, I DO read these. It’s pretty easy to open up all your emails at once and read them. I’m interested in what you have to say about the celebrity.

*To give you an idea of how long 150 words is:  I have written 160 words so far.

REMEMBER:  Make the email subject “Physics Celebrity # __ ” or it won’t go in the right mailbox and you won’t get any credit . . . AND make sure to include your full name and period in the subject line.  PLEASE! . . .  ONLY ONE EMAIL PER CELEBRITY.    Here is an example of a subject line:

Physics Celebrity #3 from Bill Jones (5th period)

You can easily link to my email by clicking here.

Then you can just split your screen between my celebrity write up and your email and write that darn thing in your own words. Click below for the celebrities for the current packet:


Packet 4:  Physics Celebrities #9 – #12


All other links below are dead until we get to that packet:

This is now a dead link for Packet 2:  Physics Celebrities #1-#4

This is now a dead link for Packet 3:  Physics Celebrities #5 – #8

This is now a dead link for Packet 5:  Physics Celebrity #13 – #16

 This is now a dead link for Packet 6:  Physics Celebrity #17 – #20

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