10/22-10/26/18 (2nd order–>Beautiful Pat)

I will add captions as I get time:

10/15- 10/19/18 (2nd order, Galileo)

Here are the more important screenshots from last week:

10/8-10/12/18 (Red Duets, Acceleration)

Here is what happened this week: I will add captions as I get time this week:


9/24 – 9/28/18 (Cir.Mot.;Duets)

Here are the most important screenshots from this week:

9/17-9/21 (Vectors,Cir Mot)

I will continue to add captions. All should be added by 10:00PM, 9/23/18.

9/10 – 9/14/18 (2D Kinematics, GSUA, Cir Mot)

I will be adding captions as I get time. . .

9/5 – 9/7/18 (2D Motion, Tribes, Red Day, Quiz 1)

Only three days this week.  Really only one day of new material.