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30th year of teaching Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics C. Married for 30 years, two boys (one 24 and one 19), one dog (Pepper(14)).

5/21-5/25/18 (W-K, Torque)

Here are the pics and screenshots with captions from last week:

5/14-5/18 (W-K, UFT, Tesla, Picnic)

Here are the screenshots and pics for last week:

5/7-5/11/18 (Work)

AP Test Week #1 so we had to move a little slower.

4/30 – 5/4/18 (Inclined Planes / Pulleys)

We really only had two days this week to go over new material since Wed – Fri was testing stuff.

4/23 – 4/27/18 (Impulse,Statics, Elevators, Incl Planes, Angle of Repose)

Here are the highlights:

4/16 – 4/20/18 (FBD, Impulse,Inclines)

good to get back to work . . .


3/26 – 3/30/18 (FBD, Newton’s 3rd)

Pics and captions . . .