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30th year of teaching Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics C. Married for 30 years, two boys (one 24 and one 19), one dog (Pepper(14)).

2/12-2/16/18 (2D Con of Mom, Hooke’s Law)

Here are the screenshots and captions from last week  . . .

02/05-02/09/18 (Con of Mom)

Here are the screenshots for last week . . .

1/22-1/26/18 (Proj Mot)

Here are the screen shots for this week . . . Will add more captions as I get time.

1/16 – 1/19/18 (Vectors, Momentum, Proj Mot.)

Here are the screenshots from last week.  I will be working on the captions this weekend.


1/8 – 1/12/18 (Vector intro stuff)

I will add all captions to these fresh shots as the weekend continues . . .


Here are the fresh screenshots for this past week:

12/4 – 12/8/17 (Free Fall,Rockets, GIJ)

Here are the main screen shots from the past week . .  .