PhyFl18ss1.2.3 In 1718, Isaac Newton realized that that there was all this motion going on (earth spinning and orbiting) and he felt like there had to be an ultimate reference point. The earth and the other planets had to be sitting in something, right? There had to be a nonmoving medium for those light waves from the sun to travel through. (For example, sound waves need a medium (air, water, or solid) to travel through). So Newton logically concluded that there had to be this fabric of space that allowed light to travel and that fabric he called “The Luminous Aether” Since Newton was a true stable genius pretty much everyone agreed that this sounded pretty damn smart and the Aether (we spell it ether today) was there eventhough we couldn’t see it, feel it, or smell it. Finally, in 1887 Michaelson and Morely actually used a series of very expensive experiments involving an interferometer at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio. To find evidence of the Ether Wind. No matter how precise their instruments, they couldn’t find any evidence of the Eather Wind. We finally had to conclude that there IS NO ETHER. The Earth , Sun and Planets are just floating in . . . . in . . . pure nothingness. Today we know that there is really no such thing as nothingness, but that is a whole different discussion.

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