PhyFl18ss1.2.6 Fritz Zwicky proposed this idea of Dark Matter in 1933 (he was laughed at and mostly ignored). I wish he had called it the Dark Attractor, because it isn’t matter like we think about. Neil De Grass Tyson proposes calling Dark Gravity, but I don’t like that either because it doesn’t follow the rules of gravity. There is also Dark Energy out there (or right here in this room). It spends all its time trying to rip you limb from limb, it wants to rip your molecules apart, it want separate your atoms, it would love to separate the quarks that make up your protons. Dark Energy is a bad descriptor, because this doesn’t act like that energy you learned about in Chemistry (remember Joules?) I propose that we call Dark Energy The Dark Separator. People fear or love Slender Man. I guess the Dark Separator is the Slender Man of the Universe. No one’s relly seen it but we know he is there. Out there somewhere . . . waiting. If The Dark Separator wins the Universe will end in a “heat death”.

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