PhyFl18ss1.2.1 We started off Wednesday’s discussion trying to sit as still as possible. No matter how we tried, we couldn’t really be motionless because the room was moving, Oklahoma was moving! In order to be motionless we would have to stop the world from spinning on its axis. Knowing the circumference at the equator (approx 3900 miles) we can figure out how fast we are moving. The circumference of the Earth is approx 24,000 miles (to 2 siggies). So since it takes us 24 hours to go around once, we are moving at 1000 miles/hour at the equator. But what about Oklahoma? We don’t have as far to go. Connor did some work and figured out that we are moving at 850mph just sitting in your chair. So if I could stop the orld spinning on its axis, would that make you motionless?

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