PhySP18SS6.2.5 Dr. Strauss talked about this crazy notion of considering Energy as the same as mass and he said that that is how all the High Energy Physicists see mass. So, they change the famous E=mc^2 equation into E/c^2 = m; or just say E = mass as long as you change the units of mass from kilograms to Electronvolts. It is an energy unit, however you can use it as a mass unit too because of the famous Einstein relation E=m*c^2. If you are given a mass in eV, you just have to use that formula to get the corresponding mass in real mass units. Strictly speaking it’s a unit of energy. But using m=Ec2, you can convert energy into mass. Operating, we get 1eV/c2=1.78⋅10−36kg. (The c2 is usually ommited.)

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