9/21-9/25/15 [Pkt 2 – Area Graphs (Integrals), History of Early thought (Pre Physics), Galileo

THIS COMING WEEK IN THE 807 : (my best guess as of 9/27)

Mon (9/28)  In Class:  BOW, Joke Monday;  Slide Show, Recreate Galileo’s Experiment (Sheet 2.4) 

Tues (9/29) In Class:  Lab and begin looking at data. HO. Sheet 2.5 (Graph)

AT LUNCH:  Our First Rocketry Meeting

EVENING: Begin buying your tickets for Friday night’s “The Martian”  at the Warren Theater in Moore. 

Wed (9/30) —  In Class:  Discuss Trio’s and beautiful Patterns HO Sheet 2.6)  Packet 2’s Readings and Questions Assigned (sheet 2.7)

Thur (10/1) —  In Class:   Discuss slopes of curves —-> stegosaurus tails

Fri (10/2) In Class:  Perhaps we will be at the point where we can go outside and time the mouse in the holes.  A BIG Trio.    

EVENING:  Meet at the Warren for the Premier of “The Martian” 


( I will add captions before Monday morning. )