11/17 – 11/21 (Free Fall, Gravity, Binary Stars)


Mon-     We will go outside if the weather cooperates and launch air rockets. 


Tues- FEAST AND FILM (a Thanksgiving Tradition)


Mon-     SNOW DAY!! 


Tues-  –> ROCKETRY MEETING AT LUNCH <–  Slide Show, BOW, JM, Notes: Spent the hour discussing the screen shots (mostly Astronomy and gravity stuff) 


Wed- HO side 3 & 4 of THT4; BLUE DAY for Packet 3 Test; HO 4.5   (More Free fall problems)


Thur –  Most students were gone in the morning  classes for the NHS musical “White Christmas” so those that were watched a “Minute Physics” on Hollow Earth; watched a thing on Samsara;   Did a graph from 4.5; Watched more of “The Right Stuff” 


Fri-   Work on 4.6;  Did our first Where in Norman; Showed the new HUW; Discussed the History section of Packet 4