10/1 – 10/8/2014 (Trios, Beautiful Patterns, Orange Eq. Born)

THIS WEEK (my best guess):

Mon- Discuss Week ahead; Slide show; JM; HO 3.4 (Video Questions);  Continue deriving Orange Equations

Tues- ROCKETRY MEETING #2; Sign up for both upcoming Petroleum Geology Meetings;  HO 3.5 Begin working problems and assign homework

Wed-  PSAT!  so . . . we will work a little bit, but the morning classes are at least half empty so we will spend most of the time watching the first part of “The Right Stuff” — the part about Chuck Yeager and breaking the sound barrier for the first time. 

Thur- GUEST SPEAKER: PETROLEUM GEOLOGY MEETING #1;   HO 3.6 Work problems and spend most of the time on that;  May do Blue Day this day or wait until Friday.  Homecoming Parade and bonfire this night

Fri-  Finish up sheet 3.6 and start sheet 3.7 (which is a lot more CL Deipa). Sheet 3.4 (Video Questions) due at 4:30PM 


Mon- HO (Handed Out) 3.1 (did the front)

Tues.- OUR FIRST ROCKETRY MEETING   Handed back notebooks from Packet 2;  Worked more on 3.1;  HO 3.2 

Wed- Finally handed back Packet 1;  Finished up 3.1;  HO 3.3 and began deriving the three Orange equations

TWO WEEKS AGO (9/29 – 10/3): 

Mon – TRIBE DAY.  You had to have 2 sides of the Take Home Test #2 done.  

Tues – RED DAY for THT2

Wed- Wrap up day.  We spent quite a bit of the time on 2.10 and filled in as many other gaps as possible.

Thurs-  100pt Notebook due;  100pt Packet 2 due,  36pt Division Check;  200pt Test 2 

Fri – Feast and Film !  — Lots of goodies and we learned about Michael Faraday and started learning about Antoine Lavoisier.