9/22 – 9/26/14 (Trios)


Mon– Discuss Week ahead, AOW, BOW, Slide Show, JM, Discuss lab & graph & relationships ;  Soph/Jr PSAT Prep Session (6:30 – 8:30PM) (English)

Tues– Discuss Divisions, especially Rocketry, Freshman PSAT Prep Session (6:30-7:30PM) (Math)

Wed –  HO 2.8 Unit Analysis III; ; HO Packet 2 Take Home Test; Go over Modern Physics History;  Spent the hour talking about the negative TRIO and all the cool stuff that it represents, EVENING: Freshman PSAT Prep Session (6:30-7:30PM) (English)

Thur–HO 2.9 What is the Slope of that Curve? Discussed Escape velocities;  discussed gravity wells; discussed alien races and whether we could whoop them in hand to hand combat;  Discussed how weird acceleration can be;  Packet 2 Reading Answers due by 4:30PM;  Discuss 2.9;  EVENING: Soph/Jr PSAT Prep Session (6:30-8:30PM) (English)

Fri–Finished coloring in the Stegosaurus tail and showed how it could be used to determine the changing slope of the curve. HO 2.10. Went outside and “chased the mouse” to help us determine the trio. Rocketry applications are due by 4:30PM. Wrote down our data from the 9 meter ramp. Played volleyball outside for the last 15 minutes.

THIS WEEK (my best guess) 

Mon – TRIBE DAY.  You must have 2 sides of the Take Home Test #2 done.  

Tues – RED DAY for THT2

Wed- Wrap up day.  We will spend quite a bit of the time on 2.10 and will fill in as many other gaps as possible.

Thurs-  100pt Notebook due;  100pt Packet 2 due,  36pt Division Check;  200pt Test 2 

Fri – You deserve a Feast and Film !  — Bring all those goodies.