9/8 – 9/12/14 Pkt1: Test Week; Slope Graphs

Last Week:

Mon– HO Packet 1 Organizer; TRIBE DAY FOR 125 pt THT1

Tues– RED DAY for THT1

Wed– Wrap up day for Packet 1

Thur– 200pt TEST 1;  Handed in Packet 1; Handed in Notebook

Fri– Handed back notebook and talked about it; Our first Flash Back Friday;  Discussed Solo and Duet; HO 2.1 Worked the front of 2.1


Mon- Discuss Week ahead, AOW, BOW, Slide Show, JM,  Did the Tolt Test;   HO 2.2 More Practice on Kinematic Graphs

Tues– Worked on the back of 2.1 . . . learned about Area Graphs; HO 2.3 (40 pt Reading Questions); HO 2.4 Finger walking introduced;  

Wed– Work a Unit Analysis problem;  Finger walking; HO 2.5 Unit Analysis #2   

Thur–HO 2.6: Diluting Gravity;  Do Diluting Gravity Lab   (Had to move MOVIE NIGHT #1 to some other night because of game. 

Fri– FBF; HO 2.7 Graph for Diluting Gravity; Graph and discuss Diluting Gravity;  ASTRONOMY NIGHT at the Sam Noble Museum.