8/25 – 8/29/14 Pkt 1 (West Lawn Kinematics, Metrics, UA)

Last Week:

Mon– BOW, Slide Show, JM, discussed 1st physics equation 

Tues– HO 1.2 – discussed Metric Game; went outside to get two more sets of data, plotted data

Wed– HO 1.3 – Discussed procedure on readings and videos; metric game;  graphs

Thur– HO 1.4 ; Went back outside to do three phase journey then came back in to graph

Fri– HO Notebooks, Cantina opening, Discussed Reference points

Coming Week (Proposed):


Tues– BOW, Slide Show, BoW, Discuss UA (1.4.5), HO 1.6

Wed– HO Take Home Test 1, Add covers to Notebooks, Discuss 1.6

Thur–HO 1.7 Go Outside, and slope graphs, Inspirational speech, Class Pic, Fight Song

Fri– FBF, Work on 1.7 (graphing slope graphs)