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Physics of sliding down a curved slide when initial velocity is too high.


8 Earth years are roughly equal to 13 Venus years, meaning the two planets approximately trace out this pattern with 5-fold symmetry as they orbit.

Image 2

The best way to learn is to practice:

Image 11

We live in a world that requires non-Euclidean geometry. Image 4Painful Newton’s 3rd Law:Image 3

Water on Europa (a moon of Jupiter) vs. water on the Earth. Looks like Europa will be very important to humans in the next couple hundred years.

Image 10

Just passing through.  Is there a difference between the friction on his knees vs. the friction on his face?

man on beach

Thrust, Center of Mass, Center of Pressure, Torque, Angular Momentum and in two disastrous seconds. Korean Rocket

This cat can use a bit more Meow sub s.   :  )

Image 7


We talked about the Earth precessing like a gyroscope. There is more about this in the screen shots from 11/17-11/21.

This animation shows that it doesn’t matter what order you add vectors in the Head-to-Tail method . . . the resultant is still the same.


An amateur astronomer caught this accidentally in 2012. Jupiter captures another potential earth destroying asteroid that no one even knew was out there.  That visible plume from the asteroid exploding in Jupiter’s atmosphere is about the size of the Earth.   Jupiter is my best friend (sorry Randy). Image 2

A 3D projection of an 8-cell performing a 

double rotation about two orthogonal planes

(As in the Black hole in Interstellar)


  Definition of a radian:Image-5

Below is the complicated 10 year path of the Rosetta Probe as it traveled to the Comet.


Newton’s burst of colorful inspiration:

prism animated

Circular motion converted to Simple Harmonic Motion


Check out the pictures below. Scroll over the picture to show the hour and year:

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TUESDAY AT LUNCH (12:12-12:52):  Rocketry (know your history)

Mon (10/12)  In Class:  BOW, Joke Monday;  Slide Show 

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